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Looking for a new home that gives you all the style and comfort with an eco-friendly design and the best quality standards? One of the top construction companies in Bangalore is here to help you.

Leak Detection

Nitito - The best leakage detection services in Bangalore will help you get rid of the disgrace of catching someone ogling at your damp wall. We provide you easy solutions without tearing apart your home.


Nitito Technologies provides a 6-step solution to permanently fix any kind of leak. We'll fix the issue and ensure that it doesn't return.

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Nitito Technologies provides high quality construction services in Bangalore

ABOUT Nitito

We at Nitito Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are dedicated to providing expert construction, design, and home services that cater to every home improvement need with utmost levels of professionalism.
We understand that every home is unique and requires a unique solution. Our team of experts has been working in the industry for more than 30 years and can help you find the right answer for your problem.
As one of the best construction companies in Bangalore, We offer a wide range of services, including design & engineering, waterproofing, leak detection, roofing solutions, home elevators and home renovation. We study the problem deeply and make the right choice for you.

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Our Services

We have the right person for every job without any hair-tearing. With over 200 projects built, we have gained the skill and creativity to design any kind of villa, budget home, or eco-friendly abode for you.
Nitito technologies gives you all the design and engineering services in Bangalore
Designing and Engineering

Nitito - The best construction company in Bangalore. A team of architects, designers, project managers, plumbing engineers, and others. Hire the right person for every job with ease! In over 100+ projects that we’ve designed and built, we’ve gained the skill and creativity to deliver anything from a villa to a budget home to an eco-friendly abode.

We provide high quality leak detection services. Nitito's team working on a leak detection projects.
Leak Detection

Isn't it humiliating when someone comes over and you catch them ogling at the damp spot on your wall? The Leak Detection team at Nitito Technologies uses advanced tools—like moisture meters, ultrasonic leak detectors, and thermal imaging cameras, Endoscopy cameras—to find the exact location of a leak (without tearing apart your house.)

Nitito's workers on a waterproofing project.

Isn't it frustrating to spend on waterproofing treatments that never work? Skillsquares offers you a 3-step solution for permanently curing any kind of leak, be it from plumbing issues, structural defects, or old rusty hardware. Once we fix the leak, we promise that it'll never come back.

We provide high quality home inspection services.
Home Inspection

Don't settle for less! We eliminate all family-safety issues and electrical, plumbing, and construction problems to ensure that your home serves you for generations. We use moisture drone inspection, meters, ultrasound leak detectors, and thermal imaging cameras to thoroughly check for sneaky defects that you might miss. Your kids will enjoy a safe home.

Nitito's team working on a roofing project
Roofing Solutions

Wouldn’t it be great to have a place to relax after an eight-hour work day from home? At Skillsquares, we help you design and construct the ideal roof for your residence—either an earthy clay-tiled one, a no-nonsense concrete terrace, or a modern polycarbonate roof that’s just right for your luxurious home.

Home renovation works by Nitito
Home Renovation

Isn't it amazing how much we transform in just a couple of years? Choose SkillSquares for your home transformation to meet your changing needs—whether you crave a luxury kitchen, a quiet study, or a bathroom that feels like a five-star hotel. You get a guarantee of high-quality workmanship so you can enjoy it for years.

Sustainable green building projects by Nitito
Sustainable Green Buildings

Nitito's eco-friendly homes are manufactured with high-quality materials and advanced technology, so they are much more eco-friendly than brick and mortar houses, which are not only attractive, but also much stronger and faster to build. Your residence is constructed using Light Guage Steel Frame (LGSF) technology, which guarantees strength, longevity, and safety.

Nitito provides Home elevator services.
Home Elevators

Luminous elevators deliver high-quality custom-made modern lifts for your home that make your parents' smile brighter when they step out on the terrace. You will also save money because of the lower operating costs, while the smaller carbon footprint helps to preserve the environment.

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